Lord of the Dance - "Dangerous Games"

Lord of the Dance - "Dangerous Games"
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Lord of the Dance come to the Grugahalle with their show Dangerous Games.

The success show Lord of the Dance, which has the subtitle "Dangerous Games", presents itself in a modern garb. After nearly two and a half decades of triumphal procession around the globe, Stepp superstar Michael Flatley had recently given his production a slightly different look while retaining the essential elements of story and popular dance formations. Lord of the Dance is a kind of "Best of" in a backdrop of huge LED walls and varied costumes, allowing fans a brilliant reunion with this enduring hit and its outstanding dancers.

Since 1996, Lord of the Dance, which has become a cult event, has thrilled people all over the world. More than 4 million visitors in German-speaking countries alone, around 80 million internationally, make Lord of the Dance the most popular show event of the present without competition. More than 1,000 performances only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland prove the unique success of the Irish tap revolutionaries in these latitudes.

Lord of the Dance showed a new entertainment dimension. The "Klacken der Killerhacken" experienced an unprecedented triumph. The ingenious synthesis of dance, folklore and show developed from an insider tip to a phenomenal crowd-puller.

"Stepp wie Donnerhall" was an exemplary headline, while elsewhere a "titanic performance with skill, art and body" was praised. The Anglo-American media used superlatives such as "The Best in the World" (Los Angeles Times), "Unfastbar" (Time Magazine) and "The World Lies at Their Feet" (New York Times).

Lord of the Dance left all other highlights of show business, entertainment, rock and pop music far behind. The show, which is equipped with audiovisual opulence, combines folklore, hi-tech pop art and Irish-American tap dance with flamenco affinity to create a rhythmic, melodic and optical revue that is second to none. A committed ensemble always puts the audience in a euphoric mood with its performance.

Show inventor and super stepper Michael Flatley now concentrates on his work as director and choreographer. With alternating tap stars in the leading roles, Lord of the Dance always retains his original fascination, as the never-ending response to the world tours proves again and again.

Michael Flatley does not appear in person.

Organizer: Bucardo Kunst- und Kulturproduktionen GmbH, M√ľnster

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