Jan & Henry 2 - Ein neuer Fall für die Erdmännchen

Jan & Henry 2 - Ein neuer Fall für die Erdmännchen
Date 13.01.2024
Time 15:00
Doors open 14:00
Price 29,00€ excl. advanced booking fee

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The musical for the whole family- The sensation is perfect!

Since 2018, Theater Lichtermeer has been on the road with the big stage show of "Jan & Henry" and could inspire many thousands of small and big meerkat fans in hundreds of performances. Now it is time for a new case for the meerkats.

From October 2023, the two popular track and sound seekers will be on a major tour of Germany with another stage show. This time, the story takes them to Piepenschlöns Castle. Strange things are happening there and Jan & Henry have to solve many riddles. But the biggest mystery is the legend of an old treasure, which is feverishly sought by the castle residents to prevent the impending sale of their indebted home. In addition, the brothers meet Krokodella there.

What role she plays in the mystery and whether the two sleuths will succeed in finding the treasure, you will experience up close in our new musical for the whole family. A six-member ensemble plays, dances and sings for you in this typical and unmistakable mix of people, puppets and great music in a funny and at the same time exciting adventure.

After the performance, you can get up close to Jan & Henry and receive autographs and photos from the meerkats and the other performers in the foyer.


With kind permission and in cooperation with Martin Reinl, who invented the characters "Jan & Henry" for the

TV station "KIKA" and developed them.

Martin Reinl (Puppenstars/RTL, Woozle Goozle/SuperRTL, Zimmer frei/WDR) burns with passion for his works.

Numerous prizes are the thanks for so much creativity, including children's media awards Goldener Spatz, Der weiße Elefant or Emil as well as several Grimme Award nominations.

Timo Riegelsberger and Jan Radermacher are responsible for the stage version of Theater Lichtermeer.

As artistic director, Timo Riegelsberger is responsible for text, music and staging. He also directs.

Jan Radermacher is employed by Theater Lichtermeer as author, puppet maker and illustrator. He also writes the music for the musicals together with Timo Riegelsberger.

Playing time approx. 90min plus intermission. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Book & Music: Timo Riegelsberger & Jan Radermacher

Director: Timo Riegelsberger

A Theater Lichtermeer production 2023


Organizer: Theater Lichtermeer UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

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