Frequently asked questions


Advance purchase by telephone

For telephone orders, please call the eventim ticket hotline at: + 49 (0) 1806-570070 (0,20 €/call incl. VAT, Mobile max. 0,60 €/call incl. VAT). The hotline is available Mondays to Sundays from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Online ticket orders

Tickets for GRUGAHALLE events can also be purchased on-line. Please visit the eventim website.

Tickets are generally non-returnable. But if an event is canceled, you can exchange your ticket at the advance sale office where you purchased it.


Entrance is usually 90 minutes before the event begins. Entrance times may vary. Please note the entrance information for the individual event.

To the events calendar


Photo/video cameras and other image and audio recording devices are strictly prohibited at all events. Exceptions are sports events where video/photography is generally allowed for private purposes, but not for commercial use. Professional cameras, like mirror-reflex cameras, are also prohibited. The filming of videos during an event is always prohibited.

Lost and Found

If you lose something during the event, please contact our security staff.

If you notice only after the event that you have lost something, please contact us directly.

Protection of Young Persons Act

For further information please read the Protection of Young Persons Act .

General and usage regulations

General and usage regulations of MESSE ESSEN GmbH

1. Right of access/domiciliary rights

1.1. The exhibition grounds are private property used by Messe Essen GmbH, Messeplatz 1, 45131 Essen. The hall area of the exhibition grounds of Messe Essen GmbH and the associated premises of the Congress Center Essen and Grugahalle are not open to the public.

1.2. Messe Essen GmbH exercises domiciliary rights throughout the entire exhibition grounds, including the exhibition halls, buildings, access routes, outdoor spaces, open spaces and parking areas, the Congress Center and the entire Grugahalle premises, through the representatives it has appointed for this purpose. The general regulations apply to all visitors, tenants, service providers and all other persons. They do not apply to Messe Essen GmbH employees.

1.3. In the event of infringements of the general and usage regulations, Messe Essen GmbH reserves the right to issue a temporary or permanent ban from the premises to the persons concerned. Please note that some areas of the exhibition grounds are video -monitored for safety reasons.

1.4. Only persons who are admitted by Messe Essen GmbH or the relevant event organiser are permitted to access the events on the exhibition grounds and to be present during setup/dismantling. Only persons who are able to present a valid permit or valid admission ticket are allowed to be present on the exhibition grounds. Messe Essen GmbH or Messe Essen GmbH employees reserve the right to carry out random checks of the access authorisation of persons on the premises.

1.5. Event visitors are only allowed to access the exhibition grounds during the event opening hours and must leave the grounds once the opening hours or the event ends. The single-entry entrance ticket loses its validity upon leaving the grounds.

1.6. Vehicles may only be driven onto the exhibition grounds with special permission from Messe Essen GmbH.

1.7. The provisions of the German Road Traffic Regulations (Straßenverkehrsordnung) apply while on the exhibition grounds. The corresponding information signs regulating vehicle and pedestrian traffic on the grounds must be observed. The maximum speed limit for motor vehicles is 10 km/h. Any instructions issued by Messe Essen GmbH stewards must be followed at all times.

1.8. Refusal of access
Visitors who

  • do not follow the instructions issued by the stewards
  • are noticeably under the effects of alcohol or drugs
  • have been banned
  • refuse to consent to checks
  • clearly intend to disrupt the event
  • will be refused access without the entrance ticket being refunded.

1.9. General code of conduct:

  • The facilities on the exhibition grounds must be treated with care and consideration
  • All visitors to the exhibition grounds must behave in a way that does not endanger or harm any other person and does not inconvenience any other person more than is unavoidable.
  • Visitors must refrain from causing any contamination or environmental pollution/impact within the exhibition grounds.
  • Waste, packaging materials and empty containers must be disposed of in the bins provided.

2.0. Right to personal images
Reference is made to the taking of photographs and film, video and sound recordings by Messe Essen GmbH or contracted third parties for the purpose of reporting, advertising and documentation. Visitors and other persons must not prevent, impede or obstruct these recordings. Entering the exhibition grounds agree to being recorded in these photographs and other recordings, as well as to their publication.

2. General prohibitions

2.1. It is prohibited to take photographs, shoot films, make audio and video recordings and create drawings, particularly of exhibition stands and exhibits, on the exhibition grounds for commercial purposes. Exceptions to this rule require the written approval of Messe Essen GmbH.

2.2. Smoking is prohibited in the hall area. This also applies to the use of electric cigarettes, electric shisha pipes and the use of any product consumed via vaporisation. Exceptions to this rule are the specially designated smoking areas.

2.3. Young people below the age of 14 are only allowed on the exhibition grounds if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or an equivalent chaperone. Exceptions to this rule only apply if explicitly stated on notices at the ticket counters.

2.4. With the exception of wheelchairs required for medical reasons, the use of inline skates or other roller skates, skateboards, scooters and other mobile devices, as well as bicycles, electric scooters and mobile tables in the hall aisles is generally prohibited.

2.5. The distribution of printed material and all types of advertising media, in particular advertising media from competitor events, the affixing of advertising labels and posters and the unauthorised use of advertising media on the exhibition grounds is not permitted without the prior written consent of Messe Essen GmbH. Exhibitors may agree a separate regulation with Messe Essen GmbH in this regard.

2.6. Fireworks and other pyrotechnic products may not be set off on the exhibition grounds. The handling of fire and naked flames is prohibited.

2.7. Overnight stays on the exhibition grounds are not permitted.

2.8. With the exception of guide dogs, animals are not permitted on the exhibition grounds. Where this consent has been granted, the person bringing the animal onto the grounds must ensure that this does not cause any danger to or result in any disadvantages for Messe Essen GmbH or any third party. In any case, animals must not be allowed to run around freely.

2.9. Professional and aggressive begging and peddling is not permitted on the exhibition grounds, particularly in the outside areas and car parks of Messe Essen GmbH.

2.10. Any commercial activities, gatherings, processions, (statistical) surveys or similar events are prohibited on the exhibition grounds without the prior written consent of Messe Essen GmbH, without prejudice to the right to participate in events on the exhibition grounds as an exhibitor or a visitor.

2.11. It is prohibited to bring weapons within the meaning of Section 1 of the German Weapons Act (Waffengesetz) as well as other notifiable objects and substances of any kind onto the exhibition grounds unless Messe Essen GmbH has provided special written permission to this effect.

02.12. Messe Essen GmbH is entitled to check the contents of vehicles, bags and other containers, as well as the clothing of persons entering the exhibition grounds, for security reasons. MESSE ESSEN GmbH is entitled to prohibit the carrying of bags and similar containers in certain areas of the exhibition grounds or at certain events for security reasons.

2.13. The exhibition company may order the closure and evacuation of rooms or buildings for safety/security reasons. The persons in these areas must follow the orders and proceed to the relevant assembly points outside.

2.14. In individual cases, the instructions of supervisory staff must be followed.

3. Liability and final regulations

3.1. The exhibition grounds are entered at visitors’ own risk. Messe Essen GmbH and its employees/vicarious agents accept liability for damage only where this damage is caused by the intentional or grossly negligent conduct of these persons or legal representatives of Messe Essen GmbH. However, the limitation of liability does not apply to damage resulting from injury to life, limb or health that is the result of the culpable conduct of Messe Essen GmbH and/or the aforementioned persons.

3.2. In the event of infringements of these general regulations, Messe Essen GmbH reserves the right to instigate legal proceedings against the offender under criminal and civil law.

3.3. The individual provisions of these general and usage regulations apply independently of each other. Should one provision be invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

4. Emergency numbers:
Messe Essen emergency number: +49 (0)201 – 7244 666
Police: 110 (external)
Fire brigade: 112 (external)

Essen, 05.02.2020
Messe Essen GmbH

Cloakroom regulations

MESSE ESSEN GmbH cloakroom rules

  • When leaving clothes or items in the cloakroom, the visitor will receive a cloakroom ticket.
  • Messe Essen GmbH accepts liability for any intentional or grossly negligent breach of storage duties by cloakroom employees.
  • Liability for items left in the cloakroom is limited to the time for which the items are stored, up to a maximum sum of EUR 100.00 per cloakroom ticket. Any further liability is excluded.
  • Messe Essen GmbH accepts no liability for valuables and cash located inside the items left in the cloakroom. In these cases, clothing and items are left and stored in the cloakroom at the visitor’s own risk.
  • Clothing and items are returned from the cloakroom on presentation of the cloakroom ticket, with no further proof of authorisation required.
  • If a visitor loses his or her cloakroom ticket, he or she must inform a cloakroom employee immediately. In the event of a delay caused by the visitor, Messe Essen GmbH accepts no liability for the loss of clothing or items left in the cloakroom.
  • If a visitor notices any damage to the clothes or items that were left in the cloakroom, he or she must inform a cloakroom employee immediately. Messe Essen GmbH accepts no liability for damage in the event of subsequent complaints.
  • If a visitor loses his or her cloakroom ticket, he or she must reimburse Messe Essen GmbH with the costs of procuring a replacement.
  • The loss of clothing or items must be reported to a Messe Essen employee or other persons contracted by Messe Essen GmbH immediately.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, we are happy to help.

Phone: 0201 – 7244-0