Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra - Classical 90s Dance – Live 2024

Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra - Classical 90s Dance – Live 2024
Date 08.06.2024
Time 20:00
Doors open 18:30
Price 49,50€ excl. advanced booking fee
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Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra Classical 90s Dance - Live 2024

"Brilliant", "A sensational show", "An unforgettable evening", "Top", "Mega", "Simply great". This is just an excerpt from the reactions of fans who have been carried away by the unstoppable wave of enthusiasm that "Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra" unleashed in 2022 with a hitherto rather unconventional live concept. In 2024 there will finally be a sequel.

He is one of Germany's most successful DJs and producers - a true pop visionary and pioneer in his field who still enjoys absolute cult status today: Alex Christensen. With legendary hits such as "Das Boot" or "united", he not only helped the genres of dance and techno to become immensely popular, but also essentially co-determined and shaped the soundtrack of the 90s. He has lost none of his creativity and innovative spirit since then, as he proved with his "Classical 90s Dance" series, for which he ingeniously fused classical and dance music.

As early as 2022, he was also touring live with this concept, selling more than 60,000 tickets for the tour "Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra" as well as special shows "Alex Christensen & Friends", receiving two gold awards for more than 300,000 albums sold and successfully continuing the CD series to this day. In 2024, Alex Christensen and the Berlin Orchestra will once again go on live tour and continue the multidimensional project that works so well, with a focus on the big 90s hits.

Fans can once again look forward to a brilliant musical mix, as the second reissue of "Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra" will be a particularly exciting collection of hits from one of the most musically diverse decades. In addition to some highlights from the 2022 show and a selection of new hits from the 90s, there will also be brand new material. For example, the new single "Right Beside You (feat. Asja Ahatovic)" is part of the new rousing show that will tour Germany for a total of 19 dates in May and June 2024. The single is a first forerunner from the album "90s Classical Dance- The Icons", which was created in collaboration with Stereoact by Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra and will be released on 6 October 2023 and feature various artists.

Alex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra" is a high-quality and highly professional live DJ production that impresses above all with hand-picked repertoire, but also with a cool, uniquely conceived stage show. As in 2022, the new songs will also be wrapped in a special garment, where they will be musically built up by the orchestra as usual, but still always and unmistakably move on the dancefloor and transport the typical 90s sound. Great visuals and an elaborate lighting design specially programmed for the show accompany a crème de la crème of soloists and singers, who will once again ensure an exuberant party atmosphere and an unforgettable evening.

Organiser: Semmel Concerts Entertainment GmbH

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