Ralf Schmitz "Schmitzefrei"

Date 01.03.2024
Time 20:00
Doors open 18:30
Price 25.00 €

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Price 25 €

"Being on stage is like a vacation for me! Your laughter is my five-star nightstand your applause my infinity pool! Unfortunately, real vacation is mostly hard work for that!"

Well, that's how it is for Ralf. Sometimes even he has to interrupt the longest vacation in the world for a few weeks and work to collect ideas for a new stage program... And where does he do that? In the middle of life! On a train journey, for example, he experiences an elderly couple who actually have nothing more to say to each other and who, step by step, throw all their inhibitions overboard by drinking copious amounts of wine.

We, in turn, are helped by Ralf Schmitz's insane vacation experiences to forget the working week for a few hours: When the electrifying comedy whisk reports in his incomparable way how he locked himself out of his hotel room in the middle of the night, scantily clad, why his "fantastic" English skills almost landed him in jail when ordering a burger at an American drive-in counter, or a perfectly planned beach day ends in an inevitable fiasco. With absurd characters, mini-sketches, improvised highlights and blatant parodies, Ralf strings together mercilessly funny things until we get up from the theater seat laughing our heads off, wonderfully refreshed and internally tanned, and say: "I have forgotten my everyday life, as if there were a pause button. Just like heat-free in school."

And that's exactly how it should be: Ralf whisks you away from your everyday life into his new program: "Schmitzefrei!"


Veranstalter: Konzertbüro Schoneberg GmbH - Büro Köln
Web: http://www.schoneberg.de/

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