Lisa Eckhart - Kaiserin Stasi die Erste

Date 09.01.2025
Time 20:00
Doors open 18:30
Price from 39,00€ plus fees
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Lisa Eckhart - Empress Stasi the First

A mixture of Stalin and Sisi - Empress Stasi the First. Ruler of Austria and East Germany.

That's what Lisa Eckhart wanted to be and her dream came true. It is now a decade since she came to power. The big jubilee is coming up and everything is actually going well.

Apart from the usual threats:
The crazed West. The reunified Soviet Union.
Popular uprisings and attempted assassinations by her own family.
The Empress will worry about that later.
For now, she is looking forward to her anniversary celebrations.
And you are cordially invited...


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Organiser: Agentur Lühr
(*Times subject to change)