Luke Mockridge - "TRIPPY"
Additional show

Date 07.03.2024
Time 20:00
Doors open estimated 18:30
Price 37,45 €
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Luke Mockridge has long had the impression that we are living in a film. A film that is more crass than any film we have ever seen. Has reality long since caught up with fiction? Clowns become presidents, presidents become clowns and we are somewhere in the middle, without knowing whether we are still allowed to laugh about it all.

Luke is clear: we may, should and must laugh. At everything, everyone, loudly, at all times and now more than ever! Full of regained confidence, Germany's most successful comedian sets to work: he confronts all the absurdities of our time with unconditional optimism, a bunch of instruments and a light-heartedness that only a 90s kid can have. An evening full of nostalgia anchored in the here & now awaits the audience, a comeback despite cancel culture. So accessible that everyone will find themselves in it, so artistic that activists will be glued to it. Everything trippy! Do we even know who we are anymore? Does our algorithm know better? Is the world really as bad as it is always sold to us? Blue pill or red pill?

Come along... it's going to be TRIPPY!

Organiser: Konzertbüro Schoneberg GmbH

The time may be subject to change.