Paul Panzer mit „APAULKALYPSE – Jede Reise geht einmal zu Ende“

Paul Panzer mit „APAULKALYPSE – Jede Reise geht einmal zu Ende“
Date 25.02.2024
Time 18:00
Doors open expected 17:00
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For his new tour, Mario Barth considered whether, after more than 20 years, he should devote himself to the dog/cat theme and play the harp at the end of his shows. But then this: Suddenly he becomes an unwanted "father," stands in a delivery room with a woman he barely knows, and gives birth to their "joint" child. What he experiences there and how he gets out of the act - that has to be on stage! And so Mario Barth remains true to the man-woman theme. Luckily! In the meantime, he has collected so many stories that he can hardly wait to go on tour with his new program.

"Men are women sometimes but also ... maybe" - the tour title could not be more topical. Who can still see through, when in all areas of life is constantly questioned, what one may still say, do or eat? Especially if you belong to a fringe group that tolerates lactose and nuts!

In addition to the insanely funny experience in the delivery room, there are many other everyday observations by Mario Barth, which he will exaggerate on stage in an inimitable way: The power vegan at the barbecue, the vacation acquaintance with a 92-year-old who knows what it's like to be young today, and many more dwarf-skin-shaking anecdotes - Mario Barth fans can look forward to a funny, dynamic, exciting program.

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