Sascha Grammel - Fast fertig!

Sascha Grammel - Fast fertig!
Date 06.06.2023
Time 20:00
Doors open estimated 18:30
Price From € 32.00 excl. booking fee
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From € 32.00 excl. booking fee
Sascha Grammel with his programme "FAST FERTIG!" welcomed as guest at the Grugahalle.

After the grammatically ambitious programme titles such as HETZ MICH NICHT!, KEINE ANHUNG (Na, den kleinen Schreibfehler entdeckt?) and ICH FIND'S LUSTIG, the next red-hot and, of course, 100 per cent grammatical live programme is now ready to go. Or almost. Well: FAST FERTIG!

Because that's the name of the new uninhibitedly silly, Grammelian stage spectacle. But Spandau's pride and joy and blond-haired puppet comedy king is, as usual, still working on his definitely craziest and most emotional programme up to the very last second.

So you can look forward to some wild surprises! The only thing that is certain is that this time Sascha's popular and bizarre puppet team is on a lonely dream island with FAST FERTIG! Master Grammel and his set designers have once again lovingly rummaged around in the wonderfully colourful fantasy world: you've certainly never seen an island like Grammel Island on German comedy stages. And in the middle of it all, between palm trees, sand and talking mountains, our sunshine from Spandau and the most cheerful of good humour guarantors, Sascha Grammel, who has once again resolved to talk to himself for almost two hours at a time, to play with puppets and to have as many people as possible look at him and even film him. Of course, Grammel's successful dream team will again include all of his well-known puppet characters such as Frederic, Josie, Prof. Hacke & Co. But also - simply sensational - Sascha's biggest ventriloquist puppet ever is stranded on his little fun island!


Organiser: Meyer-Konzerte GmbH & Co. KG