ABI Zukunft Essen 2023

Date 26.08.2023
Time 10:00
Doors open 10:00
Price 25.00 €

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Price 25 €

For many young people, it's the first big break in their lives: They've finished school and got their Abi in the bag. But what happens next? Chill out first? Or travel? Or save the world? Or go to university as quickly as possible? Do high school graduates see the many opportunities or are they paralyzed by the agony of choice? Many have no plan for what to do after school. In Germany alone, they can choose from 19,000 courses of study and around 450 different apprenticeships. But the endless possibilities also contribute to a lack of orientation. The pressure to make the right decision is enormous. There are several reasons for this. In the past, young people agreed on what the transition steps would be: Training or studying, career and children. That's different today. Everything has to be perfect and often aspirations and reality collide when entering university or training. Nowadays, young people have an important long-term career goal. In addition, their work should adapt to their needs. This includes flexible working hours, i.e. a work-life balance is important to them. They want to find the job that suits them later on. Unfortunately, this is where worlds sometimes collide. So high school graduates need time to find their way through the jungle of options. In order to realize their dreams and visions, ABI Zukunft Essen offers them the opportunity to clarify their path.

A huge opportunity awaits the visitors, because at the ABI Zukunft everything, really everything, revolves around what possibilities there are for the individual after the Abitur: Study, also dual, make an apprenticeship or start a voluntary service? And in order to take the right path, they can get answers at the ABI Zukunft Essen, from "A like training" to "Z like subsidy and financing of studies". No matter in which direction the personal decision goes, the ABI Zukunft Essen has offers and information with corresponding experts ready for all relevant areas. After graduating from high school, there are numerous paths open to young people to find a suitable profession and a later professional career; studying is not necessarily the ideal path. It is therefore a good idea for students to obtain comprehensive information at an early stage. Furthermore, the ABI Zukunft Essen also enables the approximately 30 % of dropouts to reorient themselves, especially since the number of dropouts is increasing.

especially since the number of dropouts has been constantly high for years. Often these young people have entered a course of study too quickly and are now frustrated that they cannot cope with the performance requirements or that the subject they have chosen does not excite them. Yet there are so many ways to look forward with motivation, because many roads lead to Rome! Parents play one of the most important roles in choosing a career and should also take the time to visit the fair. If their own children do not want to start an apprenticeship or university course immediately after graduating from high school, or if they have to wait a while for a place at university or in an apprenticeship, they have an interesting option for bridging the gap in the form of a voluntary social year. The day of the fair offers all parents together with their children the unique opportunity to inform themselves together.


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